Thursday, October 2, 2008

Following Dave and family's advice

Some people just don't get it. We have made the decision to follow Dave's plan and are very excited and motivated about it. We have started FPU. I have been talking about this to my parents and trying to explain some of the concepts- specifically the snowball and how you won't need credit.

Dad says to me, "Oh no, you should be paying off your high interest ones first!!" and actually argued with me about it. I finally cut him off and said that this is what is working best for us, and leave it at that!

Just talked to mom and she says, "I just watched something on TV that says you should never cancel all your credit cards. It'll ruin your credit!" I told her (after trying to calmly explain Dave's concept that you don't NEED credit)- "MOM! WE DON"T GIVE A FLIPPING FUICK WHETHER WE RUIN OUR CREDIT!!!! WE DON"T NEED IT!!! We've already got our house, got our cars and have debit cards-yes that are linked to VISA- we'll be FINE!!!"

Some people just don't get it....