Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mom's Day

My little boy is just so sweet. He must get it from me, because my man...not so much.

I'm getting ready to go yesterday morning, standing in front of the mirror, curling my hair. Scooter comes into the bathroom and says, "Wow, Mommy, you look really pretty!" Awww, I just love it when he does that! Although, I was standing there in my bra and skivs, so it was sort of funny that he chose that moment to say it!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Disappointing news

It seems another great house has slipped through our fingers. We had an accepted offer on a great newly remodeled house, closing date was set for June 2. Well, we found out this past Friday that the house did not appraise out where we needed it. So two options- we needed to come up with $8000 (yeah right) or the sellers needed to drop their price. Well, we weren't budging and they said that they couldn't come down we lost the house.

Our realtor felt so bad, but I told her that all it means is that it wasn't meant to be. That's just not the house that God had in store for us. I do believe that, but darnit, it SUCKS that we have to start searching again!! We thought we were done and good to go, and we have to start over. Our realtor knew about the appraisal for a day or two before she told us, so she started the search. Well, she hit it in ONE!! She had pulled up several in a small (but rapidly growing) town close to Cedar Rapids. We went to check out several in the town, and the very first one we went to was AWESOME. We went to another one, which was a foreclosure- the basement pipes had cracked and the floor of the basement had a HUGE crack across it and was starting to buckle. We got out of there as fast as we could! We headed home from there, but talked a lot about whether we would want to live in Ely or not, daycare/preschool options for Scoots, mileage to work, etc. We decided the town wouldn't be so bad! We put in an offer on Monday evening, and got a counter on Tuesday afternoon, and we accepted!

So now we are going through the waiting of the appraisal (which it has already been appraised once, and listed below appraisal price) and bank paperwork. I've been running around getting quotes for insurance...we've always been with State Farm, Sam's parents have them, so Sam was covered. We just continued with them for the past 7 years, never shopping around. It wasn't really something I ever thought of!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Some scrapbook layouts

Yeah! He's home...

Sam was on a business trip the past couple days. He left Sunday afternoon and came home last night. Yesterday was his bday, so Scoots and I called him yesterday morning and left a little "Happy Bday, we miss you" message on his voicemail. I ordered one of those huge cookie cakes from the Great American Cookie Company, instead of a bday cake. He loved it- even said, "Much better than birthday cake!" Which coming from Sam, who LOVES bday cake, is really saying something!

Scooter hasn't been feeling good the past few days- he was running a fever on Saturday/Sunday. That has gone away, but has also been complaining about and even crying about stomach pain- more specifically, right side pain. I try to get him to point exactly where it hurts, but he can't seem to. I'm bringing him in to work today to get adjusted- he apparently complained of a headache at preschool yesterday- and then taking him to the pediatrician to see if something else is going on. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing serious is going on.

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. My doctor (Dr. W) is involved in a grant through the NIH (Nat'l Institute of Health) about TMJ work and using chiropractic to help with that. So we had a meeting with the other people involved. Dr. W was pretty worked up about it, and just overcome that he is a part of such a big study for chiropractic. Research for chiropractic didn't really exist 20 years ago, and now the NIH is funding grants to study how it works.

Well, city wide garage sales are coming up this weekend in Coralville. My mom is coming up, I think, and we'll hit some sales. With buying our new house in June, I'm looking for a couple things. Our current dining room table will not work in the new kitchen, so Sam is looking to make a new kitchen table. I have a higher table- what do they call it, a pub table? DH has something very specific in mind and was trying to draw pictures to show me. I just wasn't getting the picture...we were at KMart the other day and happened by the "furniture" department and we both saw it at the same time. A high top table that was almost exactly what we both had in mind- it was beautiful, but it was the wrong it didn't seem all that sturdy. But at least I know what he's talking about now, and I approve!!