Monday, June 30, 2008

Ah, a solution!!

We have found the red we are looking for!! Thanks to IowaMom who suggested going with more of an orangey-red....I had one of those picked out for my bathroom- Dried Chili Pepper by Dutch Boy. We white primered over the nasty red (3 coats of primer!) then did our tinted primer for the chili pepper and then did ONE coat of the new paint- it looks AWESOME!!!! One coat was it! Sam kept saying "that's the red I had in mind!!" Yes, me too! Great, awesome, rock on....unfortunately, now my bathroom- I decided that the chili pepper was too much for my bathroom, too dark. We ended up going with the sage green and latte....boring. Now my bathroom looks like my kid's room. I had really wanted to buy another gallon of a lighter burnt orange. Sam vetoed that idea, saying that we already have plenty of other paints to choose from- sage green, chili pepper or darker brown- that's it. Sam, you suck.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More freebies at Iowa Geek!

Go check her out! This one is great, for scrappers and photogeeks alike!! Awesome!

Red paint?

So we bought a new house, and I've finally talked Sam into letting me go with COLOR instead of blah-old-white (which he has always made me do). I chose latte (by Sherwin Williams) for all the walls, then wanted a few accent walls throughout the house. Darker brown (steady brown by Sherwin Williams) in our room, sage green (Sweet Annie by Valspar) in the hallway bath (all of it!) and accent in Scooter's room. Then, to go REALLY BOLD, I got a reddish burgundy paint color for accent in the kitchen and living room. Posh Red to be exact, by Valspar, I believe. I've got the first coat on and it looks HORRID. Streaks everywhere, track marks like you wouldn't believe...and the color is just too....I don't know....RED. I was wanting more of a burgundy!

I decorate in the primitive style with the red berries. I own a few things here, among others:

So what red do I want?