Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid dreary day

Scooter was supposed to go on a field trip 1 1/2 weeks ago... it got rained out. Reschedule day was today. It will get rained out. He was so upset- "it isn't fair!!"

I tried to explain that life isn't fair sometimes, and that he will get to go on plenty of field trips when he gets into elementary school. But that doesn't stop the disappointment now.

Or the pouting.

Stupid weather. It just puts me in a funk that's hard to pull out of. I'm such a sunshine girl.

But if it's gonna be shitty, it may as well storm. The good banging loud thunderstorm, with tons of lightning!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great giveaway!

Jody over at Iowa Geek has a great giveaway! She has found a new shop on etsy and is giving away a design worth up to $12! Katies Kreations and 55 Maple Designs has some wonderful and fun jewelry and designs. Here's a couple of my faves (from 55 Maples Designs):

Head on over to Iowa Geek and leave a comment to be entered into Jody's giveaway!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool graduation!

Scooter graduated from preschool today! What a big boy! We got a folder of projects that he has done over the year, and measurements from when he started to now.

Sept- 42 1/2 inches tall, 42 lbs

May- 44 inches, 54 lbs

My little boy is getting big! No wonder I can't pick him up anymore!

Scooter with the other two boys in his class, out of 20- the rest are girls! They are definitely outnumbered, but as Daddy would say- the odds are good!

Zach has his girlfriend all picked out- they're getting "married" and everything. He already knows that he's going to have a little boy named, that's getting a little bit ahead for Mommy's taste!! We told him no kids til he's done with college!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A (limited) freebie for Dave Ramsey snowballers!

It's a magnet! I made them at Vista Print. I have my debt snowball hanging on the fridge with this beautiful picture to remind me of the great vacation that I want to go on when we are debt-free (except for the house)!!! Great motivator!

I have about 20-25 of these to give away. Leave me a comment with your email below if you want one!