Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool graduation!

Scooter graduated from preschool today! What a big boy! We got a folder of projects that he has done over the year, and measurements from when he started to now.

Sept- 42 1/2 inches tall, 42 lbs

May- 44 inches, 54 lbs

My little boy is getting big! No wonder I can't pick him up anymore!

Scooter with the other two boys in his class, out of 20- the rest are girls! They are definitely outnumbered, but as Daddy would say- the odds are good!

Zach has his girlfriend all picked out- they're getting "married" and everything. He already knows that he's going to have a little boy named, that's getting a little bit ahead for Mommy's taste!! We told him no kids til he's done with college!

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