Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I heart VistaPrint

All of these...
10 of this card, plus envelopes ...............and.............10 of this card & envelopes
(both personalized on the inside with whatever greeting I wanted, plus our names)

280 address labels
1 pad of sticky notes (with my name!!)

2 notepads

All of these little desk calendars- personalized to my company plus one of Scooter for MY desk (the green background with a pic of me and Scooter)

2 wall calendars, personalized with family bdays/events

An address stamp with our new doctor's name and address

2 t-shirts (actually, pretty good quality!)- one for me and one for Scoots (the smaller of the two is his- it has the 25 cents to play thing on it- I put underneath "Is this even possible anymore?" The tree one for me says "Think global, think green"

25 checks for our HSA account

For just $43.99 shipping cost.

Other cool stuff I've ordered over the last year...

Kick ass t-shirt

10 Thank you cards for my sis's baby shower

Zach's bday party invites

Pretty simple t-shirt, says Joy Hope Love

How cool is that....

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Sandi said...

Wow! That's an awesome price for all that! I've heard of them but have never tried them out. Have you ever tried They are out of Hong Kong but lots of people use them. Their shipping is high but they give you a ton of free stuff when you sign up for an account. They just had a free shipping/$6.99 deal on personalized photo calendars and books.