Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm like, TOTALLY excited!

So I heard on the radio last night that a boy band from my childhood is coming to an arena near me!

Ohmygosh...I heard that, and (ashamed to admit it) I let out a squeal! I knew that they had made a comeback last year, but none of their tour dates were near enough.

My mom took me and my BFF, Beth, to their concert when we were in 5th grade. I seriously remember it like it was yesterday. We even stopped at McDonald's on our way home and got one of these cool-ass cups. Man, I should see if Mom still has that cup!!

Or any of my buttons...although, I was a Jon girl back then. Not so much now.
I'm all about Joey....(drool drool drool)...I mean, how could you NOT be? Look at those blue eyes!
Anyway, I have talked to Beth, who I sort of lost touch with over the years, and we are TOTALLY going to the concert!! I'd LOVE to meet them and get pics with them, which I know of some people who have done that!
PS- Yes, I know I am a geek!


Jody said...

I'm just enough older than you that I can honestly say I never listened to them. Now my sister-in-laws Amanda & Holly... I'm pretty sure they're on your wave length...

Head Nut said...

I haven't heard about this!! I must listen to the radio more!! I added you to my blog roll.