Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been tagged by an person I went to high school with.

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1. I so want to leave my current job. I'm fed up with my doctor being a (almost) deadbeat.

2. I love the "2 Dorks" in the Quad Cities! I really missed them when I moved away to DM.

3. I'm doing the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover, and what a relief it is!

4. I just called to order appointment cards for the office.

5. I'm loving all the treats and goodies that my patients have been bringing in!

6. I have 11 pictures of Scooter in my office, and only one of me with him. And only one of Sam-also with Scooter.

7. I love Mountain Dew.

8. I don't text. Don't really have a desire to. That disappoints my sister, and some of my friends, I'm sure.

9. I miss my sister like crazy!! (She lives in Hawaii...we're in Iowa)

10. I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work...just in case I go out to eat something stinky for lunch. Olive Garden, anyone?

11. My work desk is just a counter mounted to the also has the copier sitting on it. So my work area is about 3 1/2 feet by 2 feet. Not much, considering that the keyboard, mouse pad and monitor are also sitting in that same space.

12. I am dreading the storm that's supposed to come this afternoon. Nicknamed "Death Storm 2008" by the 2 Dorks mentioned above.

13. Dr. S keeps talking to me about marketing-type stuff that he wants me to do in the New Year. I just want to tell him to shove it up his ass, because hopefully I won't be here!

14. I miss the old BHB. NBBC sucks- no thread memory, only what? 5 threads on a page?

15. We rescued a boxer puppy during the flood over the summer. Her name is Laila.

16. I think that there will be an assassination attempt on Barack Obama within the first year. Not that I wish that, but I think there will be.

17. We're taking Scooter to the firestation in Ely on Friday night to see Santa.

18. Sam doesn't know about #17 yet.

19. I looooove the smell of coffee, but can't bring myself to drink it.

20. McDonald's sweet tea. Enough said!

21. I don't know what the issue is, but for some reason I don't like to be on a different floor than Sam and Scooter if they are asleep. In the house we just moved out of, the bedrooms were upstairs and the living room was on the main floor. I HATED being downstairs if they were up in bed- watching TV, reading...pretty much anything. Call me weird, I know.

22. I get obsessed with stuff pretty easily. If I find a new book series, I cannot read them fast enough. If I find something I like to eat (hello- super soft and sweet doughy pretzels at Sam's club), I will either A) go back and get them all the time, or B) buy a ton of them to eat at home. Hence the big ass box of SIXTY pretzels in my deep freeze at home.

23. I really wish that Grandpa Wally could have been alive long enough to meet Scooter, and to go hunting with him. The next generation of duck hunters...

24. I love finding new blogs to read. I've found some...interesting...ones lately! Hello- Adventures of Jake and Colin! **Steamy!!**

25. I had a job interview yesterday afternoon. I REALLY hope I get it.

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Abby said...

Hey! I'm not sure if you got my email the other day, but I need your address to send you your prize!