Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feels so good

We started doing Dave, and working on paying off our debt. We've got baby step 1 done, which is a baby emergency fund of $1000. We're on step 2 now, the debt snowball. We've got one bill gone, another one should be gone this weekend, and two more will follow in short order, as we'll be getting money from Gma for Xmas (which we're doing early this year- Dec 7th).

Then on to the bigger ones (over $1500). It feels good. I need to do the debt snowball worksheet on the Dave website and figure when our ending date is, so I have that to look forward to! It's such a relief to have a plan...even if we do stray from it. We're working on it, and that's what matters. I've got 5 of our CC's on payment plans and closed- I did the plastectomy a weekend or two ago and MAN, IT FELT GOOD!!

Not to mention...we paid all CASH for Xmas presents this year! NOTHING went on credit cards (well, the ones that are still open anyway). All cash...or at least on the debit card which is just about as good as cash since it takes it straight from our checking account. No debt for Christmas this year- YIPPEE!!!

I just wanted to thank Jody SOOOOO much for helping me get into this.

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Jody said...

You are so welcome! I wish everyone would experience the joy of dropping debt! It's so much better than "stuff"!