Monday, July 7, 2008

New to town

We're not completely moved in yet, but we took the chance this weekend to enjoy our new town's parade. It was super cute, and so typical Iowa- tractors mixed throughout the parade! Only in small town Iowa, I tell ya.

Silly me forgot the camera, otherwise I could show you a pic of Scooter with chocolate all over his face from candy.

We did see our new neighbors there with their dogs- we match them, by the way. We have a pug and a boxer (plus a lab), and they have a pug and boxer also. We left ours at home. They brought theirs, all dressed up for the holiday. The pug, Lola, was wearing her grass skirt and little lei bracelets on her paws. Zoey, the boxer, was wearing a very patriotic flag bandana. Super cute!!

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An Iowa Mom said...

Glad you enjoyed the parade. It was really short and not nearly as good as most years. We LOVE going to the parades ... our whole 4th is one big tradition:

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