Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Would You Do?

We (meaning Sam) loaned our router to a neighbor last spring (2007). We moved 1 1/2- 2 hours away from there in August. Said neighbor never returned the router, and honestly- I didn't know about it. Sam either forgot or neglected to mention it.

Anyway...almost a year later, we have purchased a new house. Sam needs the above mentioned router to do some work in the house. We knew this was a possibility when we started looking at houses in April. I called the neighbor and talked to the wife (aka, an old "friend" of mine- part of a girls group that we had). I told her then, in April, that we could meet them halfway or they could ship it to us. She said to call back and talk to her husband.

Well, I forgot until today, and it's finally starting to get under my skin. Sam refuses to do anything about it, and would be perfectly content to go buy a new one.!! This was from his grandpa (who has passed away), and besides- he does NOT need to go buy a new one when we already OWN one!!!

So I call today and talk briefly to my old friend. She lets me talk to hubby who was right there. Turns out that he is going to be heading to Burlington this Friday and can meet me about 35-40 minutes away from me, in Washington. That is, if the timing is right.

I mentioned, "Could you just ship it to us?" He said if the timing didn't work out to meet, then they would think about it.

What would you do?

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An Iowa Mom said...

Personally, I'd call them back and say that a check is in the mail and that you want it sent. You'll pay for shipping. (Cheaper than paying for a new router).

I know this isn't what SHOULD happen ... but if you want the router back ... you might have to.

Or else just go meet him. You could make a day of it with the kids and find something fun to do in Washington. Make an adventure of it ... find a splashpad, playland, park or something that would make your kids feel special.

Like I said, an adventure. :)